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The Circle of Trust – Healing Journey

The path we have chosen to take with Food For at the Soul is so humbling

We meet a variety of personalities, individuals struggling within the world of addiction, we find ourselves encountering deception and dishonesty is commonplace, not unique to our community but pervasive in various aspects of society.

Whether in business transactions or interactions with customers, deception is prevalent. However, within addiction support spaces, it becomes a significant barrier for clients trapped in cycles of deception and concealment, hindering their progress.

The stigma surrounding addiction exacerbates this challenge, perpetuating feelings of shame and reluctance to express discomfort or seek help. Recognizing this pervasive issue allows for a more empathetic and understanding approach to supporting individuals on their journey towards recovery.

Maintain relationships with those who can be trusted

When deceiving those in our corner, our safest people, it’s crucial to step back, as they offer clarity and trust. Being true to our inner circle fosters healing. Deceiving them leads to self-deception, compromising our integrity and relationships. 

It’s paramount to honour these connections for personal growth and genuine bonds. When working through addiction, trust is foundational, extending from ourselves to our inner circle.

Trust begins with ourselves, marking the initial step in rebuilding relationships and fostering growth. As we learn to trust ourselves, we cultivate the capacity to extend trust to others within our circle, amplifying the healing journey and reinforcing authenticity.

Trust improves our lives

Establishing trust allows us to perceive situations clearly. We become adept at recognizing deception and noticing when we’re in environments that don’t serve us. With a healthy mindset and established trust, we navigate challenges more efficiently, responding with calculated action rather than reactive behaviour.

Our safety and survival instincts become honed, leading to a more observant and strategic approach to moving forward.

For additional resources and information, connect with our community space by phone, email or stop in to connect. Together, let us build a community that stands strong against the shadows of addiction, fostering a brighter, more connected future.

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