About Us

Food For The Soul Project Society is a Registered, Not For Proft Society (Charity # 76997 2332 RR0001) and was created to help those struggling with mental health and addictions. We also work with people who are low income or homeless within our communities. We strive to provide resources and a safe space for those who need to connect with professionals in the field of mental health and addictions. We thrive with the support of our volunteers who help bring our programs together. Our food, clothing, and housing programs connect us with those most in need. Contact us to learn more!

Our clinic has a wonderful team dedicated to healing and supporting individuals through the most challenging of times. We connect with anyone struggling with poverty, homelessness, and addiction; we provide support for individuals surviving two pandemics. We actively listen and learn from our community to understand what is most needed. The greatest needs for each community is different. We realize this and know the only way to know what people are suffering from is to connect, listen and support; this is what we do.

Aida Tajbakhesh - Founder/Addictions Counsellor

Aida was born in Iran. Her journey brought her to Canada. Raised in Coquitlam after graduation continued on education studying Political Science. During her time in school she was blessed with an opportunity to work overnight at a womens shelter in the Downtown Eastside. Since then Aida has dedicated her time and resources to share awareness and work in the field of community support work. Aida took time away from her career to start a family and with the support of family, has returned to the work she loves to do; Outreach and addictions support work. She has now started an Organization named Food For The Soul Project Society. Food For The Soul Project Society, provides additional support to patient/clients and community members at Food For The Soul Project Society's clinic..
- Aida

Dr. Pardeep Dhillion - Physician

Originally from India, I moved to the UK for Post-graduation training after completing my graduation in Medicine. Initially I completed my Basic specialty training in psychiatry from Charing Cross Training scheme in London. I decided then to retrain as a GP and practiced as General Practitioner in UK for 15 years. We migrated to Canada with my family in 2018 and have been working as GP in a Family Practice clinic in Pitt meadows as well as with Food for Soul Project Society, caring for patients who have significant level of adversity in their lives. My interest in Addiction Medicine has deeper roots in my hometown in Punjab, India where I saw many of my relations and friends fighting with this chronic and debilitating condition, I have seen and experienced the devastating effects it can unleash on the patients and the people who care about them, how it takes away all sense of dignity and pride, leaving people with nothing but a desire to get their next fix, no matter what the price! It is the far-reaching effects of Addiction, not only on the patients but their loved ones, and the wider community, and my desire to do what I can to make an impact, no matter how small, that drives me to practice in this field. By working with Food for Soul project Society, I feel that I am part of the solution, and we are contributing positively and making an impact, no matter how small, in patient’s lives. I am proud to be part of such a dynamic team which goes out of its way to help and is always looking for innovative ways to improve the service.

Pamela Nutter - Maple Ridge Clinic Manager

My name is Pamela Nutter and I am the Manager of the OAT clinic. I work alongside the doctors to ensure our clients receive the utmost care during their treatment. I have over 18 years of experience working in medical offices, and working for Food for the Soul Project Society has given me a new sense of fulfillment that I wish to use to give back to the community. I look forward to taking care of patients with compassion and integrity.

Olivia Ng - Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

Olivia is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). She holds a Master of Education in Counselling Psychology from University of British Columbia. 

Olivia has experience counselling adults who have severe, persistent mental illness including: schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, mood disorders (e.g. bipolar and major depressive disorders), co-occurring disorders such as personality disorders, substance abuse, mental challenges etc. She also has experience counselling groups of adults who have addiction and addictive behaviours including: drug abuse, drug addition, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, and problem addiction to other substances and activities, to learn tools for addiction recovery.  Additionally, Olivia has experience counselling groups of family members and caregivers of people with mental and substance use difficulties, to provide information and resources so that they can be as well- supported as possible in caring for themselves and their loved ones. In her first year of clinical work at The New Westminster UBC Counselling Centre, she appreciated the learning challenges of counselling individuals of varying ages with different disabilities, and from a diversity of cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, and life situations. 

Olivia has two years of experience working in the Rehabilitation Recovery Program at Coast Mental Health by helping clients to increase their awareness and knowledge about their skills and vocational interest and prepare them to find a job when they are ready to get back to the community have shown her that she has both the passion and the aptitude for this type of work.

In addition, with twelve years of experience working as a pharmacy assistant in a retail pharmacy, she has excellent interpersonal and communication skills with clients from different backgrounds and illnesses. She also has knowledgeable about Psychosocial Rehabilitation principles when she completed her program and practicum for the Graduate Diploma in Psychosocial Rehabilitation at Douglas College. 

Olivia’s approach to counselling is client-centered, and she works collaboratively with her clients to determine the approach to therapy that will work best for them. She strives to create a strong and positive working alliance in order to help people make positive changes and resolve their issues. Her practice is influenced by mindfulness practices, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) and Personal-Counselling with an ability to be flexible based on client needs.

Olivia is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and respectful space. ​She has the aspiration of working with a diverse clientele presenting a broad range of counselling concerns. With creativity, flexibility and intention she creates an approach that works best for you.

Kaitlyn Pearson - Maple Ridge Outreach Worker

Kaitlyn Pearson is a down to earth individual who’s passion is to help and improve the community. Kaitlyn is an outreach worker who enjoys working with vulnerable populations in hopes to make a change in individuals life’s as well as being an advocate to end the negative stigma behind homelessness, substance abuse, and mental illness. In her spare time Kaitlyn likes to stay active by being part of the 5:00AM club, hitting the gym, focusing on self care, spending time with family/friends and preparing healthy meals in the company of her lovely dog max!

Jessica Kane - Maple Ridge Outreach Worker

Jessica’s passion is being able to help community members in any way she can. Being there on a daily basis to ensure a safe and nonjudgemental environment. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends keeping in mind self-care is an important part as well to stay refreshed for the days ahead!

Carolina Espinosa - Abbotsford Outreach Worker

Carolina is a compassionate mother of 4 who's lively personality brings bursts of energy to the clinic that is needed on the many rainy days we get. She is passionate about teaching the general public about how to end the stigma regarding mental health and addictions in a sympathetic, respectful way. Carolina came to FFTSP as a practicum student, afterwards moved to being a volunteer and has now been hired on due to her core values lining up with the mission of FFTSP and her love for the community members. Fun Fact about Carolina loves to paint and express herself through art.

Monique Verhoof - Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Hi, I'm Monique, a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with over 8 years of experience.

Areas of Expertise:
• Pet Loss & Grief
• Dog Adoption
• Depression & Anxiety
• Bereavement, Loss & Grief
• Depression & Anxiety
• Cultural & Immigration

To learn more about Monique and her work: https://www.equalcounselling.com/

Michael J Evans - Lawyer

Mr. Evans has been working within Criminal, Family and Civil Law since 2007 when he was called to the Bar. In addition to his professional life, Mr. Evans has been an advocate in the community for those less fortunate including abused women and children, and the homeless.