About Us

Food For The Soul Project Society is a Registered, Not For Proft Society (Charity # 76997 2332 RR0001) and was created to help those struggling with mental health and addictions. We also work with people who are low income or homeless within our communities. We strive to provide resources and a safe space for those who need to connect with professionals in the field of mental health and addictions. We thrive with the support of our volunteers who help bring our programs together. Our food, clothing, and housing programs connect us with those most in need. Contact us to learn more!

Our clinic has a wonderful team dedicated to healing and supporting individuals through the most challenging of times. We connect with anyone struggling with poverty, homelessness, and addiction; we provide support for individuals surviving two pandemics. We actively listen and learn from our community to understand what is most needed. The greatest needs for each community is different. We realize this and know the only way to know what people are suffering from is to connect, listen and support; this is what we do.